People are core to our success. It is their talent, passion and commitment that makes us what we are – Employers of Choice in the industry. And we did not get there by accident. At Shelly's Media Track, HR is viewed as a strategic partner rather than a support function. We have the brightest, most talented and most diverse set of people who have taken the organisation from strength to strength. We choose our recruits with infinite care and research. So if you are one of the lucky ones who get to join the SMT team you can be sure of many things to look forward to. For starters we provide

  • A competitive market driven remuneration
    Shelly's Media Track offers a highly competitive salary and benefits package.
  • Ample Opportunity for career advancement.
    We provide our associates with every possible opportunity to grow in their careers.
  • Freedom to explore your creative potential. We provide our associates with both the means and flexible corporate structure so they can forge SMT's future along with their own. We believe we are successful because people enjoy and are happy working here.
  • Recognition and Rewards for excellence.
    We recognize and reward our associates regularly. We believe that happy people stay with the organisation.
  • A great work environment
    SMT ensures that it provides its associates with healthy, conducive and cheerful working environment.
  • Flexible working hours and unique Leave practices
    We provide flexible working practices so that our associates can focus on giving their best and maximizing their productivity.