Design House

So much more than a logo. Your brand is a personality; it has beliefs, dreams and aspirations. It has a voice and we make it sing.

Graphic Designing

This is at the core of everything we do. It's taking the 'big idea', the photos and words and blending them together to create visual magic. Our magic wins appreciations.

Logos, Business Cards, Letter Heads, Presentation Design, Web Graphics, Packaging Design, Newspaper Advertisement, Outdoor Media Designs, Indoor Branding Designs and much more.  

Copy Writing

Crafting well chosen words is an art. We love it. It makes us feel smart.

Presentations, Brochures, Newspaper Advertisements, Outdoor Media Messages, Radio Ads, Product Descriptions, Packaging Descriptions, Blogs, Website Material

TV Ads & Digital Videos

Why read when you can watch? Nothing creates buzz and an emotive connection with your audience like a well produced, well executed commercial or video.

TV Commercials, Digital Videos, Director/Team Messages, Corporate Films, Product Ads and a lot more.

Product and Event Photography

The perception about any product builds or breaks with the Photography of the Product. Team SMT envisions before it shoots a particular product to deliver accordingly to the end user. 

Commercial Photography (Products), Architecture/ Real Estate Photography, Documentary Style, Event Photography, Model Photography

Content Creation

Whether for a printed piece or a large integrated campaign, this is the 'big idea' that ties the message together. Innovative, engaging and at times unexpected, it's what we strive for.

Brand Launch, Product Launch, New News, New Offerings, New Services.