Media Buying & Selling

Print Media

Print Media is our core strength and we started the agency with Print Media Advertising Majorly and slowly ventured into other mediums. 

  1. Newspaper Advertising - from Classified to Display to Jacket Ads - We have rich experience of buying the Media Space at the Best Prices for our Clients
  2. Magazine Advertising - includes General Entertainment Magazines, Educational Magazines, In-Flights Magazines, etc.

TV Advertising

TV Advertising is the most effective way to advertise at every point. We Provide you with Options for Local, National and International Channels. 

News Channels, GEC Channels, Food Channels, Religious Channels, Sports Channels, Movie Channels, etc. 

Radio Advertising

Radio, an age old infotainment medium offers maximum recall for your brand. 

Radio Ad stays with the audience for a long time. 

Use our expertise to make the best use of the Radio Medium for Advertising with a mix of Viral Branding and Maximum Coverage ensuring great and long lasting impact. 

Local, National, International Radio Stations.

Famous Ones in India - Red FM, Big FM, My FM, Akashvani, Radio Mirchi, etc. 

Cinema Advertising

Taking Your Brand to that Big Screen is a dream of every Brand Creator. 

We provide you the option to advertise your brand on the screens in every and any city across India - Single Screen, Multiplexes and the best possible bargained rates. 

Apart from the option to play the content, our team is well-equipped to create the content also to play on the big screen. 

Outdoor Branding

Taking your brand to the big billboards and hoardings and also on sunpacks and flexes in small nooks and corners, we have it all!

Train Branding, Bus Branding, Auto Rickshaw Branding, Air Craft Inside Branding, Billboards, Digital Out of Home and much more.

Digital App Advertising

Digital App Advertising is the blessing of 21st Century which lets you reach out to your target audience on the Mobile Apps that they are hooked onto. Modern and Effective Way of Advertising. 

However, There is so much more to Digital Advertising, to Know More, Visit: