Print Media – The Ever Lasting Expression

Print Media is one of oldest and traditional mediums to advertise and promote your brands among your target audience leaves an ever lasting expressions in the minds of readers. The creative does all the talking, ofcourse!

Print Media that took a big down hit during the outbreak of COVID 19 world over. On learning the spread of virus through touch, first thing that people stopped were the newspaper subscriptions coming into their doors every single morning.

When the World was locked and quarantined in their houses and resumed all kind of their hobbies; Newspaper, which was fading out due to Digital growing had a good chance to be rediscovered by people who had let go off the habit of reading a newspaper and had switched completely to digital mediums.

Looking at the great fall of circulations of Newspapers, many a brands across the globe shifted a lot of their Newspaper Media Budget to the other mediums during COVID-19 outbreak and continue do so.

However, this was done by the brands who had negligible Newspaper Media Budget and the ones who do not understand the Power of Print and make their decisions basis temporary conditions.

Strong and Powerful brands who had huge budgets did not lessen their Newspaper Media Budget but managed to infuse more into the Digital Media to be present across Mediums and not be missed by their target audience at any touch point at all.

This would be a matter of surprise for the readers but before the end of 2020, the year of tensions and losses due to COVID-19, almost all the leading Newspapers in India had recovered their circulations to 90-95%

This truly highlights the importance and significance of Print Media and reclaiming the fact that it is not going anywhere.

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